Self Love and Optimal Well-Being

The foundation of Cindy Paine’s work is the journey to Optimal Well-Being through Self-Love.

She says “The one thing I know for sure is that any diagnosis, challenge, or unexpected experience you are facing can be a catalyst for change. My top passion is to inspire people as they navigate difficult situations. I do that through my writing, I am an author of two books: Transcend Your Diagnosis: Mapping A Path to Optimal Well-Being and Clear-Connect-Create: A Powerful Path to Self Love. Cindy has put her life’s work into these two books. Whether you are trying to live your best life or manage a life challenge, these books have something for YOU!

Join Cindy on her book journey by exploring her work. Clear-Connect-Create is a step by step guide to create self-love! Her latest release Transcend Your Diagnosis details her own cancer journey which led her to discover the keys to Optimal Well-Being.

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Make sure to grab your copies of Clear, Connect, Create and Cindy’s latest release Transcend your Diagnosis today!

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Cindy Paine can be reached at 773.852.4083