At this unique time in our lives, many successful women like you could be feeling stressed and disconnected. Even out of sorts juggling being home with family or even isolated. With work, chores, and no time for YOU, our usual distractions unavailable to us. Visiting friends, traveling, and just being able to go to the gym. Certainly not feeling clear, centered and balanced. Maybe even some of us are feeling fear of the unknown and experiencing old issues that seem magnified at this time. 

Awaken Your Power is a virtual weekend retreat to nurture your Spirit and leave you feeling reconnected to yourself. This will be a much needed break for your soul and you will leave with a renewed spirit, along with the practical resources we will provide to help you reach your goals. Awaken Your Power is designed as a retreat, delivered in virtual format. The sessions will be interactive, to recreate the intimate bond and connection with the group, that Cindy has seen with hundreds of women in her experience leading live retreats. This ends up being about an 8-hour investment in yourself with 2-Hours of individual coaching with Cindy. Sessions are broken up in 2-hour segments throughout one weekend. We hope this allows for you to arrange childcare, if needed, or to still remain productive and enjoy your weekend. 

When you join us for this powerful weekend, you will feel its renewing spark when we gather to embrace the proven Clear-Connect-Create method Cindy Paine has used to change thousands of lives over 25 years. You will discover how to clear your past, your negative thoughts, beliefs and limitations. You will connect with your highest self and get grounded. We will guide you to create your vision and accelerate your success. Once we complete the Clear-Connect-Create method, Nicole Scheffler will provide a practical goal setting framework from Jack Canfield based on her work as a certified Success Coach and her career experience from 14 years at Cisco.

In addition, we will enjoy an engaging movement session you can easily do from your own home, integrate aspects of connecting with nature, powerful meditations, and enjoy a weekend focused just on YOU for a change.

Our retreat offers a magic you don’t find anywhere else. You feel the energy of  discovering this sacred place within and deepen your ability to access your power. Together, we will clear what is no longer serving you to reawaken your energy and joy as you learn to open up and manifest your heart’s desires.

The Awaken Your Power virtual retreat will be a very special place to be, and it may be just what you are looking for.

Here are the benefits of the full weekend retreat:
• You will leave with processes and tools that you can continue to use personally and professionally.
• You will experience feeling calm and empowered.
• You will have a feeling of balance that will carry over to your career and life.
• You will be able to be more present with your family, friends, and coworkers.
• You will be inspired, nurtured, and clear.
You will be AWAKENED in your POWER!

Call me and we’ll uncover if the Awaken Your Power virtual retreat is right for you:  Cindy at 773.852.4083.

Join Nicole and I at this very special virtual retreat designed with you in mind. How can we navigate our current reality in the most extraordinary way? Find our strength and discover our power to create a new YOU. Use this time to be ready to Awaken Your Power and manifest your true desires!

When:  TBA
To guarantee impact this is limited to 25 participants.

Where: The comfort of your home.

$459 includes 12 hours of group coaching over the one weekend. Special movement and breathing session with Katie Silvani and 2 bonus hours of individual coaching with Cindy before and after the weekend.

**LIMITED TIME OFFER**: Lock in your spot by June 10th for discount at $395.

Payment for retreats are nonrefundable. Due to an emergency, retreat payment may be transferred to another retreat or individual coaching within one year.Contact Cindy at 773.852.4083 or

Give yourself the gift of the Awaken Your Power retreat and make it a spa weekend for your soul.

With love from your committed guides,
Cindy and Nicole

Cindy Paine









I have been working with Cindy Paine, primarily as a Life Coach, using her Clear, Connect, Create process, since 2013. On a personal level it has been extremely successful in guiding me through a variety of challenging situations. Professionally her techniques gave me tangible ideas on difficult meeting preparations which resulted in successful sales outcomes, or visualizations and focus techniques which have helped me attain my sales goals the last two years. I recommend her programs for people looking for an opportunity to create new outcomes in all areas.

-Carrie Brasie, Cisco Enterprise Account Manager

Cindy Paine has made a profound impact on my life as well as my leadership. Her “clear, connect, create” model is useful in almost any situation. If you are looking for someone who can keep you focused in the right direction, support your vision, and help you achieve your goals while remaining personally balanced and healthy, Cindy is your coach.

 -Karlin Sloan, Founder and CEO of Sloan Group International