The Clear, Connect, Create Coaching Program is designed for people who are ready to focus on manifesting their greatest desires. These may come from any area of life; from family, relationships, collaborations, and community to financial fulfillment, workplace success, artistic validation, or spiritual elevation.

Cindy Paine is a gifted coach and spiritual guide who is known for her loving commitment to her clients, and for her ability to get to the heart of the matter. Within this program Cindy may use the following techniques and tools:

  • Guided visualization
  • Writing exercises
  • Reading assignments
  • Assessments Tools
  • Mirroring and providing insights based on our discussions
  • Deep inquiry to get you thinking in new ways
  • Soul Readings to provide an expanded perspective of your life

Within a brief timeframe we will collaboratively address your individual objectives, and assist you to clear any obstacles, connect to self, to others, and to your positive vision, and create the outcomes you truly want.

The Clear, Connect, Create Coaching Program includes intensive coaching sessions for each individual participant. These sessions may be comprised of shadowing or some other type of live coaching which focuses on the behavior for which the client wants feedback as well as the more typical one-to-one coaching conversations. Coaching meetings may be in-person or via phone and may be structured in blocks of time as agreed upon between the coachee and the coach. All coaching sessions are unique and specialized to address key strengths and development areas of the individual.