The Clear, Connect, Create Coaching Program

It’s like planting a garden. Before you can plant the new seeds which represent that which you want to CREATE, you need to CLEAR out the weeds that are growing and taking over the space. The weeds represent your issues, beliefs, fears, past experiences, conscious or not, that may be blocking you from what you really want to achieve. Most people just pull the tops of the weeds, the visible parts, the issues they know about. CLEARING is the process I guide my clients through to really dig deep and get to the root of the issue. CONNECTING is the preparation of the soil or preparing for your manifestation to come forth. To CONNECT is to build a foundation and relationship with your Self and Source, making sure that the seeds of your creation have the best possible chance of bearing fruit. CREATE is the creation process, how we take the vision of the life we want, to the actual manifestation of our heart’s desire. Whether you want to change jobs, create a new relationship, transform your finances or have health and well-being in your life, the CLEAR-CONNECT-CREATE FORMULA will guide you to success and achievement!

Clear – the Re-Creation Technique, Transforming Negative Beliefs Process, Bond Cutting Tool, and more…

Connect – Connecting with Self, Nature and Spirit In the Greg Underwood testimonial: change person to people.

Create – Placing Your Order Technique, Using Your Word to Be At Cause in Your Universe, Visioning Your Way to All of Your Dreams