Let Sedona Lead You Back to Each Other

Ignite your Passion!

The two of you once saw your worlds through your love for each other. You worked hard at your relationship – together. But time, children, and careers all had their way with you and have worked tirelessly to pull you apart.

Short tempers can flare easily now at nit-picky little things. There’s no zest to keep the fire burning between you. And communication is no longer easy. That’s not what your relationship is about. It never was. You were good together. You could finish each other’s sentences. You laughed for days about the silliest things that no one else ever got. It’s time to get back to what you were.

For some of you your relationship is in a good place. You are doing well. This retreat is designed to offer new tools and practices to support you in keeping it that way, and an even deeper connection.

It’s time to let sacred Sedona help you find your way back to each other. Rediscover the bliss you once felt for each other and learn how to nurture that feeling so you maintain it, even in the face of the fast-paced lives we lead. Sedona has long been regarded as one of the sacred power spots of this planet with its Red Rock Vortexes. And the magic that I and other retreat members have experienced there is testament to it.

Join us in May and intertwine your hearts once again.

Cindy Paine Couple Retreat

Come and learn strategies for clearing blocks to being connected Clear the history
Release “yeah but’s” that limit discoveries and possibilities
Techniques for active listening and being fully present How to speak your partners love language Learn about powerful distinctions of men and women How we can honor the differences to create powerful partnerships.
Tools to vision and create your ideal partnership Take home practices to deepen connection and intimacy

When: Dates to be determined.
Costs: $2950 per couple if paid in full
Included: The Course, hiking, massage, yoga, breakfast daily and a coaching session together after the retreat
Not included: lodging, transportation, lunches and dinners. (Shuttle information available from PHX airport) Fly into Phoenix airport and rent a car or reserve a shuttle to Sedona
Space is limited
Payment for retreats are nonrefundable. Due to an emergency,retreat payment may be transferred to another retreat within one year.

Arrival – We will gather at Your Heart’s Home (YHH) and create a sacred circle to open the energies for the weekend. We will have a conversation about your intentions to create Passionate Partnership
Evening – Dinner, together or on your own

– Gather at YHH for Couples Yoga in a magical garden.
– Sumptuous breakfast (included) together outside surrounded by the red rocks.
– Hike into one of the red rock vortexes. Here we will be doing some interactive Clearing exercises.
– Lunch
– Gather at YHH for Course Work
– Free time for journaling, shopping, site seeing, rest or being with your beloved.
– Dinner off-site

– Gather at YHH for gentle stretching and movement.
– Sumptuous breakfast (included) together outside surrounded by the red rocks.
– Hike into one of the red rock vortexes. Here we will be doing some Couples Clearing and Connecting exercises.
– Lunch
– Gather at YHH for Course Work in the garden on Connecting
– Massages and free time
– Dinner as a group
– Connecting and Visioning your Intention

– Breakfast
– Gather in the garden for visioning, and discover tools to take home to keep your Passionate Partnership anchored.
– Closing Circle ceremony

Contact Cindy at 773.852.4083 or cindy@cindypaine.com

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