Do you want to find your true love? Looking to make that divine relationship match?
When you fall in love with yourself, you allow yourself to be ready for love. And bring more PASSION to the relationship you are already in! That is why we can’t wait to tell you about our upcoming event ‘Awaken Your Passion’.

💕 After you do the work within and learn to love yourself, then it’s time for real romance! How do you get it? What’s the “it” factor?

Have you kissed too many frogs, been burned in a relationship, or given up on finding “the one”? If 💓creating a true partnership and attracting your divine mate💓 or bringing back the passion to your current relationship  is your goal, then this retreat is for you. Cindy Paine searched for her divine mate for years. She struggled through the disappointment of dating sites and settled for less than she deserved. She will share her personal journey through difficult relationships to finding the healthiest, most joyous relationship of her life… at 69 years old!
What she knows for sure…It is ALL an “INSIDE JOB.”

We invite you to join a Live Global Virtual Event
‘Awaken Your Passion’: Loving Yourself to Find the One

 Contact if interested. 
Cindy Paine will share and facilitate the Clear-Connect-Create methodology she used to find and create her divine partnership. You will Clear your relationship history, limiting beliefs and fears. Then, you will Connect with your magnificence and identify your gifts, talents and abilities, connecting to your “deserving”. You will leave able to Create the relationship of your dreams, your ideal mate, the one that is right for you.

Cindy has also invited her friend Dr. Bob Luckin, celebrated author to join the event. Gain from his over 60 years experience working in the field of mental heath, and an equal number of years failing and succeeding at intimate relationships. Bob’s insights and wit makes him a workshop favorite. Bob will give us the ‘male perspective’ and discuss developing and sustaining an intimate relationship (without the use of duct tape).

Kate Gueorguieva Feng Shui intuitive practitioner will join us to share her insights on the energy of attracting your heart’s desires. We will learn the Feng Shui “cures” for extraordinary relationships.

The ‘Awaken Your Passion’ virtual retreat will be a very special place to be, and here is what you will experience:

• You will clear your relationship history (including your ‘family of origin’).
• You will embrace your confidence and power as the true Goddess you are!
• You will leave knowing that you deserve your heart’s desire!
• You will have clarity of your intention with the order you place with the Universe.
• You will find your voice with your partner.
• You will learn to trust again – men and YOURSELF!
• You will see that you can be your Authentic Self in relationship
• You will change your vibration to attract!
• You will leave with processes and tools that will help you remain open to receive the one that is right for you.

This Live Global Online Event consists of a total of 9 Hours of Coaching and benefits that include:

  • One hour of  individual coaching with Cindy
  • One hour of individual coaching with Bob
  • Seven hours of group coaching during the event
  • Feng Shui intuitive practitioner Kate’s special message
  • All Sessions will be recorded and accessible for you afterward

🚨BONUS – You will also receive a 50% discount on a $100.00 comprehensive handwriting analysis. This analysis will help you better understand the strengths and liabilities you bring to a relationship.

Discounted Feng Shui session to attract your heart’s desires in every area of your life.

Date: Saturday July 17, 2021

Time: 10am EST to 5pm EST

Location: Virtual Retreat

Cost for retreat is $575

Payment is non-refundable, but can be used towards coaching or future retreats in the case of an emergency for up to one year.

⏱️**LIMITED TIME OFFER** Lock in your spot by June 9 for discount at $449.

To guarantee impact this is limited to 25 participants.

Call me and we’ll uncover if the ‘Awaken Your Passion’ virtual retreat is right for you. I can be reached at 773.852.4083