Soul Readings

Soul Readings reflect the story of your individual soul. This is one of the tools Cindy uses in her coaching for diagnostic purposes. These are soul readings that give insight, guidance, and healing information as well as the opportunity to bring light to specific issues and implement measures to restore balance and harmony. In a private session, Cindy Paine will guide you to have more clarity, focus and empowerment about career, finances and relationships. Prior to your reading, craft specific questions you would like to have answered.

During a reading you will feel the loving presence of your guides and receive their message for you. Discover the beauty and wisdom you hold in your heart. Get clarity about career, finances, and relationships. Discover the lessons your life and the relationships in your life have for you. Uncover the importance of special people in your life. Learn to express more completely the love that you already are.

If you are interested in a private session for a Soul Reading, call Cindy at 773.852.4083.

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