Thank you SO much for purchasing Transcend Your Diagnosis: Mapping A Path to Optimal Well-Being. I truly hope you enjoy it!  Attached are two meditations to thank you for being a part of my book launch.
When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 17 years ago, I began using my own Clear-Connect-Create Formula on myself and through clearing my own fears and limiting beliefs around my diagnosis, and then connecting to my innate power and inner wisdom, I created Optimal Well-Being for myself. My mission is to bring Optimal Well-Being to the millions of people going through health challenges, career or financial blocks, or relationship issues. My first endeavor to share my experience was to create Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer Webinar. Both of these meditations are from that program.
The Grounding Cord is a perfect mediation to use to bring you present and get you grounded. If you find yourself worried or anxious about something that is currently happening, something that happened in the past, or something you are afraid might happen; or when you just feel emotional, in fear or have negative thoughts, this is a great tool to use to release whatever is bothering you and bring you into the awareness of the present moment.
➡️ Listen Here: T1 OWBFC Grounding Tool (S1)
The Emerald Temple Meditation is a fun visualization. Using the color green which is the color of the heart center (heart chakra), and also represents healing and abundance; this meditation is designed to help you open up and expand to receive the gifts of any challenge you might be going through, as well as to expand the abundance in your life.
➡️ Listen here: T11 OWBFC Emerald Green Temple Visualization (S10)
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Thank you again! I wish you Self-Love on the journey of Optimal Well-Being! Let’s connect if you want to go deeper into any of my programs.
Love Cindy