Self Love (Results of Clearing)!

In former blogs I have spoken about my personal journey with self expression and clearing! Clearing for me is when you express what you need to say,even if uncomfortable. I have been in my own process with self expression! The one area where I have explored this subject the most is in my personal relationships. Especially with men! I spoke earlier of my dillema with a man that I was attracted to. I felt shut down. I was unable to be my outgoing communicative self! I have often been shy and not myself when I feel more than friendship with a man.I want to report after fully disclosing my feelings to this person, I did get a reply. We spoke at length and what I had thought was going on with him, mostly was a figment of my imagination. He disclosed his own fears and thoughts and we had an amazing fully self expressive conversation. The freedom I felt and the “space” to be my self was exhilarating. Wow this is why I love communicating truth! It opens up so much room to be YOURSELF! We have committed to being fully self expressive with each other and current with our thoughts and feelings. What I now see with this man is the possibility of a great friendship that is open to discovery. Isn’t that what we all want? For me more important than finding the one, is being myself and finding others who want to go on the journey of openness and honest communication. That is exhilarating for me,wherever it leads. It will ultimately have you arrive at the place that is for your highest good!

Where are you holding back from full self expression? Can you pick someone in your life who you feel shut down around and not fully self expressed. There are times when speaking directly to the person works beautifully as in the case above. Many times this may not be possible or even a good idea. Weigh the situation. You can also write a letter. This letter or email can be sent or not!. Be clear that clearing can work either way. I have written many letters where I said my “peace” and never sent the letter. The results are the same. I am released from the self imposed bondage of not saying my truth. I am returned to myself. Out of my head where I am not present.There is energy, clarity, and peace within. Happy clearing!!

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For the last 25 years Cindy has changed thousands of people’s lives through individual sessions, workshops, lectures and retreats. The foundation of her work is the journey to Self-Love.

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