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Awakening is an Inside Job!

Today is 1/1/ 2014. This time of year is always good for reflection. Reviewing the past and getting clear about what you want to be, do, and have in the New Year.  We all have different goals and priorities. One of mine is to be more Awake in 2014. Present, grounded, and connected with Source. A great goal but how does one achieve this? I realized something, I love to listen to great teachers...
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Manifesting your hearts desire!!

Hi all, it has been a long time since I have written on this blog! I have moved from my house in Florida to Chicago for the time being. I am continuing to write my book on Self Love and to coach people all over the world on the phone and some here in Chicago as well. I am coaching people on Empowerment, Self Love, and Manifesting their...
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Self Love (snake totem)

Last Saturday I was sitting inside my house in Florida. There are sliding glass doors across the living room wall looking out on to the patio. I happened to glance out at the white lawn chair where the lizards play. All of the sudden I saw something black,around two feet in length slithering around the chair. On closer inspection I realized it was a snake! I had never seen...
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