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Hi all, it has been a long time since I have written on this blog! I have moved from my house in Florida to Chicago for the time being. I am continuing to write my book on Self Love and to coach people all over the world on the phone and some here in Chicago as well. I am coaching people on Empowerment, Self Love, and Manifesting their Vision! Today I want to share with you how I created my current home, a wonderful part of my own vision.

A year ago May I moved from my beloved home. A great Chicago apartment with lake views that were amazingly beautiful. I lived happily there for many years. In March I had a thought time to change it up. If I did not do something different in my life everything would remain the same. That with high expenses, and the need to focus to complete my book led me to consider moving! I had two ideas. One was to move to Florida to my house there that I had barely used. Two, not sure where this idea came from but I envisioned a house on the North Shore of Chicago that needed someone to watch over their house for free. I could then just write my book without focusing on earning a living. I decided to write a “vision”. Something I share with my clients all the time. A way to co create your experience. Let the Universe know in great detail what you want in your life. I call it placing your order. I wrote about how I wanted a house on the North Shore with a garden, a porch, a hot tub outside, lots of trees, a beautiful peaceful neighborhood and many other specific details. Why not ask for it all? I did this vision in present tense as if it had already occurred. For example I am now living in this wonderful house, near the beach… I read my vision for 30 days every night before bed. This way the subconscious hears the message without the yea buts your conscious mind will say throughout your day that stops you. I saw it as “marinating” in my subconscious all night long. Placing my order to the Universe!

So when my lease was up and no Chicago North Shore house had manifested I moved to Florida. Not knowing what to expect. I was going in the summertime when most people leave Florida. I let go and let God . I decided that was what the Universe must want for me because the house in the Chicago area did not manifest. So off I went to Florida at the end of May and I spent 10 months there writing, coaching by phone, and actually loving the quiet. It was my own private retreat. I, being a very social person surprised myself loved the peace and serenity. I even began to bike ride again. I swam, did water aerobics, hiked, and lived a very solitary life. Went deeper into my spiritual practices and kept working on my book. I would visit Chicago when I needed that social fix and to see my clients. On one of those visits in March, I was in Chicago taking a walk. I had planned on leaving for Florida in a few days when I received a call. It was from my friend Sara. She was calling from her Yoga class. She was very excited sharing with me that she had overheard a participant who lived in Evanston on the North Shore say she was looking for a house sitter for her old house. The woman and her husband had just built a new house and wanted someone trustworthy to live in their house until it sold. Sara suggested I call this person immediately. Of course I did. I went to see the house in Evanston the next day. Wow a beautiful Victorian Mansion. Seven bedrooms, and amazing back and front tree lined porch, very spacious,peaceful, beautiful! It did not have an outdoor hot tub. It had a huge sunken jacuzzi. Even better, no maintenance. I was blown away! I really wanted this house. I had been feeling ready to return to the Chicago area but had know idea HOW? Within two days I was told the house was mine if I wanted it. Two days later I moved in and have been here ever since. Well, the Universe certainly handled the details. My hearts desire had manifested! Only it was in “Divine Timing” not mine! This was a great lesson for me. Trusting the Universe! I had needed to spend that time in Florida. My order to the Universe had not been forgotten. There is a plan for our life. This was one of the greatest demonstrations of co-creating with a vision I had ever experienced. I know now for sure this is how it works! Not always in our timing, but if your hearts desire is for your highest good, it will manifest!

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For the last 25 years Cindy has changed thousands of people’s lives through individual sessions, workshops, lectures and retreats. The foundation of her work is the journey to Self-Love.

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