Abundance Barometer!

Today I was watching a show I taped of Oprah and her beautiful home in California. It was on the Nate Berkus’ show, who’s the  interior designer featured on many of  Oprah’s past shows. As Oprah and Nate were walking through her rose garden, which was spectacular and her field of  lavender, which I would love to spend time in, I realized how low my “abundance barometer” has been in some areas of my life. I have heard that term described as your own personal level of having and deserving; what you think and feel is possible for you. On the show Oprah and Nate spent time in her meditation space which  she called a “tea house”. It was a tiny house on the property built just for her to hang out in, drink tea, read, and meditate in.  How cool is that?!  She spoke about loving being surrounded by beautiful things that have soul and objects that speak to her like her many beautiful varieties of roses which she feels bring their delicious fragrance from the soul level. To Oprah, roses represent our God essence! She showed Nate her favorite tree that she loves to sit under  that restores and nourishes her after being out in the world doing her work, the land she feels  deeply connected to that grounds her. I was in awe. What is it like to have not 6 trees, which was Oprah’s childhood dream for herself, but a few thousand? She was even amazed at her own huge manifestation, yet  she knew it was a blessing and represented her Spirit which has no bounds and clearly, her huge Abundance Barometer!

We all have our own level of deserving which we feel is possible for us. My Abundance Barometer becomes clear  for me when I vision what I want to create. Some areas in my life such as my career are very expansive. I easily see  myself speaking to 1000’s  of people about my book and message. There are other areas  for me, such as my housing, which are more limited. Although I love lavender, I never imagined I could have a field of it in my own back yard. Possibly your area is relationship? Or seeing from a fairly limited possibility of the type of person you feel you can be with or deserve? Maybe it is how much money you can make or you deny yourself  how much you feel you can be loved by family and friends. Most of us have one or more areas that we limit in terms of what is possible! We may have learned this from our families, neighborhoods, teachers, or our own limiting beliefs!

I invite you to stretch and expand your Abundance Barometer today! Think about an area  in your life that you have thought of in a stingy way for yourself.  Where are you thinking small?  Write a vision imagining that you have a magic wand or can wiggle your nose like in Bewitched and poof manifestation! Think big, think huge! That is what Oprah does. Just like her, we all have that God/Goddess within that has the power to  create. We just need to believe and practice. So take your wand and write your vision stretching your own Abundance  Barometer. The more you practice thinking big and knowing you deserve the greater your manifestations will be. Feel  and see your own vision as real in every single detail as you write. It’s already here for you now!  Being, doing, having your heart’s true desires now! And so it is!


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For the last 25 years Cindy has changed thousands of people’s lives through individual sessions, workshops, lectures and retreats. The foundation of her work is the journey to Self-Love.

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  1. Abundance Barometer!

    Great blog CP, I could totally see, feel and smell Oprah’s lavendar garden! Write MORE!

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