Manifesting Bali

My client Karlin recently introduced me to an organization in Bali that puts together spectacular trips.  She suggested that I might want to bring a group there because it is such an amazing spiritual site for a retreat. When Karlin first mentioned this to me I did not consider it. As time went by I began to feel called by the island. The idea of a spiritual journey to Bali kept wafting through my mind. Pictures of Bali would show up in my life. I even started receiving emails several times a week inviting me  to travel to Bali. I decided to have a conversation with the organization in Bali Karlin suggested. It went very well. I was impressed with what I was learning. I researched the island and the possible trip and began to develop an idea for a retreat which I am now planning this spring. Today I was watching a YouTube that I found about Bali. It goes into depth about its history and culture. As I was watching the documentary  it spoke about a time when Bali became very popular with the Hollywood community,  famous authors and other celebrities. It was the place to go.  It was known as an island paradise with luscious fruits, tropical flowers, temples and exotic rituals. Known to have a spiritual mysterious quality untouched by any other place on the planet.  Movies were made about going to Bali,  A favorite with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. And of course the movie South Pacific with its famous song Bali Ha’i. It was hauntingly beautiful and is still clear in my mind after so long.   South Pacific was  always one of my favorite movies. I must have seen it at least 12 times. I remember I loved that song and the breathtaking scenes from Bali. I had not remembered that connection I had with Bali until now. How incredible, the things in our lives that make such a deep impression. They go into our subconscious like seeds that sprout at a later time when they are ready to grow. The song Bali Hai is about how the island can call you.  I must admit Bali is calling me now. Somehow when the time is right that YES I said to Bali when I was very young has manifested. The trick is to check in with yourself and see if that YES is for your highest good. Trusting that you will feel if it is YES! I always say to my clients if it feels like a maybe then it is no. Only a complete YES is a YES!
What is calling you at this time in your life?  Is it something you buried deep within many years ago or a recent wish or dream. Look within feel into it. How does it feel seeing yourself having that wish come true. Put yourself in the picture of the manifested dream. A trip, new relationship, change in career, a move to another state or country? If it feels wonderful without any reservations, on all levels it is a YES! Trust yourself!  Allow that yes to manifest in your life. That seed that you planted deep within can grow into the beautiful reality that is your life now!

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For the last 25 years Cindy has changed thousands of people’s lives through individual sessions, workshops, lectures and retreats. The foundation of her work is the journey to Self-Love.

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  1. Manifesting Bali

    this is so true Cindy, thank you so much for your inspiring words, I will get to Bali at some point too! It’s calling us!

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