Creating your own Holiday!

I am writing this blog on the first day of the holiday Rosh Hashanah the celebration of the Jewish New Year! Growing up Jewish on this holiday my family went to temple, had wonderful meals, and ate apples and honey to bring in the sweetness for the new year. My recollection was that this was a happy holiday, always fun to see my friends at temple, great food with family, and I got to wear a new outfit to go to temple. These were happy memories but as I grew up the significance of the holiday and my own spiritual path took me further and further away from celebrating in a traditional way. Yet every year when the holidays came around I felt a void. Maybe I could go to temple or at least do something to remember these once very important days. I tried some years to attend services, or just have a special meal with friends, but since my parents died nothing seemed to have much meaning for me. Until today!

I woke up to a typical day almost forgetting today is a holiday. Yet something felt different. I worked on the book I am writing and had a coaching client in the morning. By the time she arrived I had gone online and sent Rosh Hashanah ecards to friends and family getting into the spirit. I began to google the spiritual meaning of this holiday. And as I read the interpretations of this day I was beginning to see what I was finding online about this holiday was very similar to the work I do with my spiritual practice, and the practices I use with my coaching clients. What stood out for me was that this holiday begins a process of clearing out patterns, negative thinking, resentments, forgiveness, and releasing anything else that is in the way of being your true and authentic self! A time to restart and to let go of that which no longer serves you. To make room for the good, the joy, the abundance of the new year. OMG this is what I teach and practice. I found a Kabbalah site and listened to a great video of a Rabbi sharing about the spiritual significance of this holiday. He said this day is the beginning of a three week process that includes Yom Kippur and two other Jewish holidays in a process of personal Transformation! Just like our computers when they get slow or unresponsive we restart them. Rosh Hashanah begins the process of shutting down, going within, and rebooting ourselves. A fresh start to connect with ourselves and the Creator. The Creator who is endless love and light according to the Kabbalah! To release the false self who can be negative, selfish, unforgiving, and lower energy. To support us to connect with our authentic self our soul our spirit, made of the essence of the creator which is light and love! From that place the Rabbi goes on to say we make space for all the gifts and abundance from the Universe! Wow this interpretation is so aligned with my own thoughts of how it all works! I was excited about the similarities in thinking!

Whether this is your holiday or not this is another great way to review, clear, and complete! Making room for the abundance in your life. So, how you might ask do we let go of our own negativity? Many of us like to resent or be the victim, be angry with someone, or feel betrayed. Is that working for you? If the answer is no, then how does one release the hurt, pain, sadness, or anger many of us carry? Well one can go to temple and pray, which is wonderful if you feel aligned with that practice. This year I felt like creating my own holiday with what resonates for me. I am going to do a ritual. I decided to do a burning ritual. If the purpose of this period of holidays is to review the past year and let go of my false self then there are many ways that can be achieved. The first thing I decided to do is think about what is stuck in my life? Who am I angry with? Where do I feel betrayed? Who do I need to forgive or make amends to? What behaviors or patterns am I ready to release? I made a list of all the people, groups, situations I was still thinking did me wrong. Then I made another list, who have I hurt or betrayed? Even in small ways little white lies, or gossip. Whatever came to my mind. What have I done that is out of integrity? Small or large issues. Where have I not kept my word? I decided to spend some time with these lists till they felt complete. Even if it takes several days. When the lists feel done I will go outside and bring a ceramic bowl or use a fire pit. This can be done with a fireplace as well. I prefer being outdoors but it is up to you. When you do this ritual call in your angels, guides, the four directions, loved ones on the other side,whomever you feel supports you! I like to put some sage in the bowl or fireplace, or pit. This herb helps in the process of clearing the negativity. It is important to do this ritual in a sacred way. Bringing forth an intention to transform! I ask the forces to help me release everything that is on my lists now and forever! Creating the void. Space for the new year or new time in my life! Sit with the fire making sure the lists are completely burned. Put forth all my prayers for what I want to create in this new time. Let go and let the Universe handle the details. Asking if there is any guidance or messages. I thank all my guides for all the support I received.

This process is one way to Create your own Holiday! As the holiday season is upon us look at new ways to bring more meaning for you to celebrations that have lost their original energy in your life. Finding the real meaning and intent for holidays we do by rote, can be a powerful enhancement to your spiritual journey! Enjoy this special season honoring the shadow part of yourself, letting go of the past, and making more room for the good! Wishing you all the best in love and light, Cindy!

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For the last 25 years Cindy has changed thousands of people’s lives through individual sessions, workshops, lectures and retreats. The foundation of her work is the journey to Self-Love.

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