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Self Love (Results of Clearing)!

In former blogs I have spoken about my personal journey with self expression and clearing! Clearing for me is when you express what you need to say,even if uncomfortable. I have been in my own process with self expression! The one area where I have explored this subject the most is in my personal relationships. Especially with men! I spoke earlier of my dillema with a man that I was...
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Self Love Age(less)

One of the really fun activities I have been doing since moving to Florida has been taking a water aerobics class three times a week. It is in the morning down the street ,at one of the satellite pools in my housing complex. I get up early and walk a few blocks joyfully anticipating another fun time with the “ladies”. The class ranges from ten to twenty women who’s median...
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Self Love (Validation)

This morning I woke up somewhat grouchy. There was not anything obviously wrong.In fact things are what I call ”flowing”. I have more new clients, and I am loving my phone coaching work. The writing of my book is going well. I have been feeling generally grateful and peaceful with my life in Florida! So what is the problem? Upon reflection ...
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